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What are Moisture Meters?

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Moisture Meters

watering treesOver watering or under watering can damage the health of your plants. How much is too much?  A Moisture Meter can help you prevent this from happening. This easy to use meter will quickly tell you when your plants are thirsty. If your project is installed by Southern Exposure we will give you one of these amazing tools to help for FREE as a thank you because we want your project & plants to look as good as you do.

  1. Measures moisture in the ground and in plant containers
  2. Fast and easy to use
  3. Instructions and result readings on meter card

Moisture meters are among the most useful of gardening supplies available to the home gardening enthusiast. Most moisture meters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. These handy tools can be helpful in planning day-to-day watering and detecting problematic soil conditions.  For a watering schedule outline for sod, aeration, trees, and shrubs click here.

A Basic Guide to Moisture Meters

Many gardeners consider moister meters a must-have tool. These handy meters gauge the percentage of moisture in a given soil sample. The majority of moisture meters are very accurate.

Before shopping for a moisture meter, buyers should familiarize themselves with their options. There are several different types of moisture meters available on today’s market. Buyers should be sure to choose the moisture meter that best fits their personal needs and gardening style.

Electronic Moisture Meters

The majority of moisture-testing devices available are electronic moisture meters. These meters generally require one AA or AAA battery in order to operate. As long as they are turned off while not in operation, one battery can last for up to six months in one of these devices. Some electronic moisture meters feature an internal, rechargeable battery.

The primary advantage of electronic moisture meters are the accurate readings that they offer. Some electronic moisture meters include digital readings. Gardeners who have little experience using moisture meters are advised to buy meters with digital readings. Many gardeners who deal with extremely sensitive plants also prefer to use digital meters.

watering-shrubsBattery-Free Moisture Meters

Gardeners who prefer moisture meters that require no batteries or charging can opt for battery-free moisture meters. These moisture meters use a simple needle gauge in order to report soil moisture readings. Such meters are ideal for gardeners who do not need to take moisture readings for extremely sensitive plants.

Thanks to their low cost, many gardeners also prefer to keep battery-free moisture meters on hand as a back-up solution for times when battery-run meters fail or go dead. These meters are also ideal for the gardener who wants to take readings of soil while traveling or visiting gardening shops. While the majority of manufacturers have switched over to battery-operated moisture meters, buyers can still find battery-free meters by conducting a specific search or contacting garden specialty stores.