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Newline Hardscapes Spotlight

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About Newline Hardscapes

Newline Hardscapes4Newline Hardscapes had a vision as a company to take our communities and neighbors back to a less complicated way of life like when we grew up. There were no cellphones. No Internet games. Instead, we took to nature with our families, enjoying activities like camping, biking, fishing and Sunday cookouts on the backyard patio. These are the moments we want to recreate. With their crafted products, we can help you build outdoor experiences so perfect, you’ll never want to go back inside. This is NewLine, and we invite you to live outside.

NewLine Hardscapes was formed in early September 2012, but their dream began much earlier. Together, they have more than 50 combined years of industry experience in sales, marketing and manufacturing.

Newline Hardscapes3With their partner, York Building Products Company, they share a similar passion for the outdoors and environmental stewardship. York is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier manufacturers of concrete products such as grey block (CMU’s), architectural block, cast stone, colored mortar, retaining wall systems and now a full line of interlocking concrete pavers and decorative walls from NewLine.

Newline Hardscapes2Southern Exposure Landscape Management looks forward to working with them as a preferred hardscape installer, providing patios, walks, walls, and unbelievable outdoor living spaces for our clients.  We are excited about the future. Newline and Southern Exposure want to give back to our community and help you create the outdoor experience of a lifetime.

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