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Weed-opedia: Common Lespedeza

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Common Lespedeza

Common Lespedeza (Lespedeza Striata)


What does it look like?: A trademark of this weed is its unique foliage. It always produces clusters of 3 green leaves which protrude from the stem. It also produces small dainty pink flowers that sprout at the tips of the stems.

What causes it?: It thrives in soils with little nutrients and low fertility.

When does it show up?: Typically dormant in the Summer and Winter, Common Lespedeza actively grows in the Spring, as it germinates mostly in March.

Best treatment plan: Post emergent treatment is the best plan for this particular weed. Spraying a post-emergent herbicide in late Spring and Fall should prevent the weed from appearing next year. However, a pre-emergent treatment in the Summer and late Winter may work as well. Call a professional for a free quote.

How long will it take to get rid of it?: It is hard to get rid of once it manifests itself, your best bet is to act preventatively with either pre or post-emergents.