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Weed-opedia: Lawn Burweed (Spurweed)

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Burweed (Soliva Sessilis)

What does it look like?:  Short–only about 2 inches high and up to 6 inches wide. Has feathery foliage, with a fern-like appearance, hairy stems and prickly seed pods that can hurt when pulled or stepped on.

What causes it?:  Thin turf

When does it show up?:  Late winter/early spring. Blooms April through June.  High temperatures will kill it, but that comes after the seeds have already been set.

Best treatment plan:  Treat with a post-emergent in later winter to prevent plants from maturing and reproducing. Call a professional for a free quote.

How long will it take to get rid of it?:  Treating with a post-emergent will prevent that year’s crop from maturing.