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Weed-opedia: Spotted Spurge

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Spotted Spurge

Spotted Spurge (Euphorbia Maculata)

What does it look like?: A highly invasive weed, Spotted Spurge can spread quickly through thin turf. It produces an extensive taproot and long branches that creep outwardly allowing it to spread very quickly and cover a large area.

What causes it?: Loosely compacted soil and thin turf allow room for this pest to spread.

When does it show up?: Summer

Best treatment plan: Early detection and treatment is important. You can pull by hand, but you risk only further spreading its seeds to the rest of the lawn. Apply a crabgrass or spurge selective herbicide to kill existing weeds. Having a thick healthy lawn is the best defense against Spotted Spurge. Call a professional for a free quote.

How long will it take to get rid of it?: If you don’t address the issue immediately, you could be fighting against this hardy weed for an entire summer.