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Spring Audio (1)
Outdoor audio should be easy enough with the availability of Bluetooth Speakers, right? Just bring it out, connect and crank it up! Um….no. Choose the professionals at Southern Lights Outdoor Lighting & Audio to not only design a high-performance system but, to also install and maintain it for years to come. Outdoor audio poses challenges
Spring Audio
Some ways to enjoy your outdoor audio system: Party Central:  Outdoor audio will make YOUR home party central! Keep your kids within site and have them bring their friends over! With outdoor audio, you can create zones of music with different genres playing in various areas of the home, landscape, or pool giving each area
Entertain Speakers
Aside from the obvious of great people, good food and drink, we have a few suggestions for backyard entertaining: Soundtrack The beauty of having professionals install a high-quality audio system is really about what you DO hear and what you DON’T see. We install the speakers and subwoofers in strategic locations so you can enjoy
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Outdoor audio is becoming more and more popular, but it is definitely not the same as indoor audio design! It presents unique challenges that are not typically found indoors.  Keep reading to find tips to get you started: Determine your objective It all starts with deciding what you want. Do you want to cover your