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Mulch Facts
Alfred Lord Tennyson may have thought that “In the Spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” but we all know it’s really mulch, right?! Spring is an excellent time to mulch, and it offers a lot of bang for your landscaping buck!  Here are a few miscellaneous must-knows: Hardwood mulch vs.

Lowballing: What To Look Out For

Lowballing means different things to different people.  Professionals who pride themselves on quality workmanship are not afraid of the low-ballers, but are absolutely frustrated by them and how they can damage the reputation of an industry. Sometimes, someone is new to an industry and will therefore offer lower prices in exchange for word of mouth

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Edgar-How to keep away
Why didn’t Noah just swat those two mosquitos on the ark?!?! I don’t know anyone who likes mosquitos.  I’m sure they have their place in the ecosystem, but we all just want that place to be somewhere where we aren’t. Right? Only females drink blood, and it’s not for food—it’s to help them develop eggs.

Aeration FAQ’s

Aeration in the Fall
Before Service Proper Watering: Thoroughly watering your lawn before the service ensures that the aerators will get good plugs. A solid deep soaking is recommended.  Not having moist soil prior to service will impact the aeration result.  If you can easily get a screw driver into the ground without a lot of weight or force,