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Multiple studies show the many benefits of being outside (whether simply having lunch or actually working outside) during the workday. From lowered levels of stress, depression and anxiety and heart rates to increased happiness levels, productivity and creativity, the benefits of being outdoors extend from the personal right into performance at work. As an employer, you know that keeping

Commercial Landscaping Budget Tips

Budget season is always stressful. Everyone wants to keep costs as low as possible, while still accomplishing what they need to do, and avoid costly surprises as well. So, how do I create a budget for commercial landscaping? When creating this year’s budget, last year’s budget and actual expenses are the best place to begin. This gives

Winter Safety Hazards

Newsflash: ice and snow are slippery. Now that you’ve recovered from the shock of that discovery, let’s talk about how to prevent injuries due to slip-and- fall accidents. They are no laughing matter. Not only can someone be seriously injured or killed, but as a property owner or manager, you can be legally liable. Here are some valuable
Retention ponds add beauty to a neighborhood, and provide a recreation area when stocked with fish, but also serve a very important function. They help control stormwater runoff, prevent flooding, control erosion and provide a way to filter pollutants. We especially appreciate their usefulness when we have downpours, or rains that last for days and days and the ground