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Winter Safety Hazards

Newsflash: ice and snow are slippery. Now that you’ve recovered from the shock of that discovery, let’s talk about how to prevent injuries due to slip-and- fall accidents. They are no laughing matter. Not only can someone be seriously injured or killed, but as a property owner or manager, you can be legally liable. Here are some valuable
Retention ponds add beauty to a neighborhood, and provide a recreation area when stocked with fish, but also serve a very important function. They help control stormwater runoff, prevent flooding, control erosion and provide a way to filter pollutants. We especially appreciate their usefulness when we have downpours, or rains that last for days and days and the ground

Thankfulness This Christmas Season

In our country, we have set aside a specific day to give thanks for all we have. However, it seems like other holidays are creeping in and overshadowing the time we have reserved for being thankful in order to get us to buy, buy, buy! But at Southern Exposure/Southern Lights, we believe in being thankful all the time.
Retail property owners understand the upside to creating an attractive atmosphere for business. No one wants to shop in a run-down environment. But the concern goes deeper than that: neglecting the landscaping on your property can cost you more than just sales if someone gets injured. And nighttime just increases the dangers. So what are the top nighttime safety