Landscape Warranty Form - Southern Exposure

Landscape Warranty Form

Southern Exposure Landscape Warranty Policy and Form

Warranty Form

Customer Protection Plant Warranty

Southern Exposure warranties all of its Balled and Burlapped (B&B) or container sized woody plants, one gallon size or larger 100% for (3) months from the date of installation on properties without irrigation and (1) year for properties with irrigation, providing that it has received the proper care. Payment must have been received as set forth by the terms of the sale. The warranty is good for one replacement of each original plant, no cash refunds.

Extended Plant Material Warranty

Southern Exposure offers to its customers an extended warranty program. For installation customers who have had their landscaping installed by Southern Exposure and sign up for a GOLD Package Maintenance Program we will warranty all balled and burlapped (B&B) or container grown woody plants of one gallon size or larger (100%) for the length of their maintenance contract, providing payment has been received as set forth by the terms of the sale and the customer remains current in payment for all maintenance services provided. The warranty is good for one replacement of each original plant, no cash refunds. The typical 1-year Landscape Warranty does not cover Perennial Flowers, Groundcovers, Seed, Sod, or Transplants. As a precaution, we at Southern Exposure pride ourselves on going beyond the normal industry standard for our installations.

Southern Exposure does Not Warranty

As with the landscape industry norm on all herbaceous plants there is no warranty on perennial flowers, groundcovers, bulbs, seed, sod, or transplants.
Southern Exposure also does not warranty any part of any project if payment is not received in full, within 10 days of job completion.
Any special request plant, which is not hardy or is only marginally hardy in our area.
Plants that are destroyed by acts of God. Including but not limited to, high winds, floods, vandalism, lack of maintenance, abuse, neglect or willful damage to property by man or animals.
Any plant material that has been transplanted by Southern Exposure or any a plant that has been moved from its original location.
This warranty is for ONE replacement of each original plant only, no cash refunds. See express limited warranty for more details.

Express Limited Warranty

Click here for details.

Must Fill Out the Warranty Form Completely

After it is determined that there is a warranty item that needs to be replaced or repaired, a warranty form must be completed in order to expedite any service work. A copy of this form may also be found at our office. Southern Exposure will only replace/repair items for which the warranty form has been properly filled out. The warranty form must be received before the end of your warranty period.