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Landscape Design

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Our Process


The Design Proposal

Once you've determined that a landscape design process is right for you and your project, we will recommend the right designer for you. The designer will contact you to schedule your initial consultation. At this point, please  download and fill out our Landscape Design Planning Guide and have ready for the consultation with the designer.

The Consultation & On-Site Analysis

During the initial consultation, the designer likes to meet with the client and discuss their desired outcome and a workable budget, through the Landscape Planning Guide that you've already filled out. The designer will come out and survey your property and measure the area, having the client point out specific needs or problem areas within the property while we are there. Our designer will ask questions, answer questions, and give ideas and information to create the best plan possible, resulting in your desired outcome.

Establish a Budget

We understand that every project and client are different. There are a multitude of things to consider when designing a landscape and there are many options which impact the outcome and the price. Although, it may seem a little overwhelming, our goal is to help guide you towards an achievable project that fits within your budget. Giving your budget to the designer doesn't mean you are going to be taken advantage of, it allows for an honest conversation that can help to build momentum and a great landscape design process that can be implemented in a more timely manner and with fewer revisions. Southern Exposure designs and builds landscapes for every segment and for all kinds of clients with different interests, different needs, and different budgets.

The Design

Our designers utilize an excellent 3D animation in the design process. This technology allows them to bring a project to life on screen and "walk" our customers through their new space, providing the most realistic vision of the plan possible. In addition to a 3D walk through, we can provide traditional blue-prints of the landscape design as well.

Materials Selection

Now that you've gotten the layout and structure of your design to your satisfaction, we invite you to visit 1.5 acre outdoor showroom filled with different materials to choose from.



Once you have a design in hand, it is time to make that plan a reality. Not only do we provide the structural plans for your landscape design, but we also provide the expertise of installation services to bring it to life. Specializing in landscaping and hardscaping, we have over 20 years of experience in landscape construction and project installation, ensuring that you are in great hands from start to finish.


A landscape is a living thing and like all living things, it needs to be maintained with care. Once our customers have the beautiful new place they have always wanted, they can have Southern Exposure Landscape Management keep it looking it's absolute best while you sit back and enjoy the results. We have several maintenance plans available to choose from, based on the needs of each project.