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Landscape Maintenance Services

As landscape experts, we take exceptional care of your turf, plants, and trees with full landscape maintenance services for your landscape. Since 1995, lawn care has been at the heart of our business. Maintaining a landscape is a never-ending process that reaps great rewards when done properly. Let our experienced crews care for your yard so you can spend more time enjoying it. We offer custom packages specific to your property needs and budget. Southern Exposure is equipped to handle small residential properties as well as large commercial properties. Call today to receive your free custom quote. We’ll send a project manager to your property to discuss your desired services free of charge. Our maintenance contract customers receive exclusive discounts throughout the year on additional landscape maintenance services. CLICK HERE TO BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE.

  • As a customer of Southern Exposure for 10 plus years I have to give an “A+” rating on the service and quality of work I had all those years. Not only have they been responsive in my needs and extra work but the politeness was over the top, from the management down to the yard men. When we owned a construction company, SE did work for us. Later, after my husband passed, I had my house and my mother's house to care for, and during that period I found them to be invaluable and very much appreciated.
    Carolyn Lewis
  • I have worked with Southern Exposure on projects at both of my homes over the last 8 years and have nothing but good things to say about them. I have referred them to friends and family over the years and they have received nothing but positive feedback. The owner Pete really has this business running well, and I have relied on them year after year to steer me in the right direction. His knowledge, ideas, and responsiveness are top notch. In all the years I have worked with them I have only had one issue and it was remedied the very next morning. In fact they went above in beyond what I asked. I rarely post reviews, but this one is well deserved. - Google Review
    Brian Smith
  • I have been using Southern Exposure for many years. Have always been pleased with their service. The crew has been great. - Yelp Review
    Tom S.

Our most basic service, Mowing, Edging and Blowing, is still done with skill and technique. Our professionals know how to properly stripe a yard and how to adapt to your lawns needs as the water supply and weather changes. A proper mow is always finished off with a nice edge and clean sidewalk and beds. Maintenance customers can also opt for weed control in bedded areas and lawn, seasonal shrub pruning (done in late Spring, fall and late winter for some trees and shrubs), fall leaf removal, aeration, seeding and fertilizing. Packages are customized according to your specific lawn size, number of trees and shrubs and the specific landscape maintenance services you desire.
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In addition to our basic mowing services, your maintenance package can include the following enhanced landscape maintenance services:

  • Shrub pruning - Our experienced crews know when and how to proper care for your trees and shrubs. We do a thorough spring and fall pruning with little touch ups throughout the year as well as a winter pruning for the ornamental grasses, crape myrtles and roses. Customers with large gardens can opt to have their pruning done more often.
  • Leaf removal - Throughout the fall season, we will clear your lawn leaves. Depending on where you live, you can choose to have your leaves blown to the street for city pick up, blown into a natural area, or bagged and hauled away.
  • Weed control in bedded areas - Each week the crew mows, they will also spray your bedded areas for weeds. Unfortunately, weed control is not a spray-once-and-you're-done process. Weeds need to be sprayed throughout the grow season in order to maintain tidy beds.
  • Irrigation shut off and turn on - Southern Exposure schedule your irrigation system to be winterized in November and turned on in late March. (We adjust the timing off the shut off and turn on according to the weather pattern).
  • Lighting Maintenance - Have an outdoor lighting  system? We can maintain it even if we didn't install it. We start with a thorough inspection of the system and ensure everything is working properly, then we continue to check the system every six months and replace bulbs as needed throughout the year.
  • Turf  and Shrub Fertilization - We have separate tabs dedicated to this process. Click to the left to read more.

Over time, your soil becomes compacted. Aeration is the process of exposing the soil to much need oxygen by pulling plugs of soil about 2"-3" deep. The aeration process has many benefits and should be done annually in the fall season when the temperatures are more stable and between 65-85 degrees to reap the best results.

  • Benefits of Aerating, Seeding and Fertilizing:
    • Soil receives oxygen
    • New seed can fall deeper in soil, creating deeper roots
    • Fertilizer promotes new growth
    • After a winter of dormant grass slowly establishing roots, spring will yield a lush green lawn that can better withstand the heat and drought of mid summer.
    • Thatch is reduced.
  • Tips for a successful aeration, seeding and fertilization:
    • Control the weeds in the lawn at least three weeks prior to the aeration. Weeds compete with your lawn for resources and always win. Weed will also block the new seed from falling into the aerated soil. Use a broadleaf herbicide to control weeds such as dandelion, clover, and creeping charlie. Use a pre-emergence grass herbicide to control weedy grasses like, crabgrass and foxtail.
    • Mow your lawn very short with in a few days before the aeration.
    • Thoroughly water your lawn before the service ensuring that the aerators will get good plugs. A solid deep soaking is recommended.  Not having moist soil prior to service will impact the aeration result.  If you can easily get a screw driver into the ground without a lot of weight or force, the soil is moist enough for good aeration. We have had sufficient rain this month so this should not be an issue for most lawns.
    • Mark all irrigation heads and valve boxes and/or underground pet fences (or any shallow wires or cables) with flags.
  • After Aeration:
    • Keep seed bed moist at all times.  This requires watering daily if rain is absent.  If possible, it is best to water two times per day, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.  Fifteen (15) minutes per station should be adequate, as the objective is strictly surface moisture.  This process should continue until you have desired germination.  Fescue can take twenty one (21) days to germinate. Once the grass is in, switch to a deep soaking regular watering after we have gone 2-3 days without a heavy rain.
    • Skip mowing for at least one week (longer if possible). Mow the new grass when it is of mowing height being careful of turns with the mower.

Southern Exposure has teamed up with the Triad's best fertilization company. Their only focus is creating the best chemical and organic treatments for lush lawns, trees and shrubs. Growingreen has dedicated years to perfecting treatment applications for healthy, weed-free lawns as well as treatments for fungi and insects that is environmentally and pet friendly. Here are treatment options:

  • Fertilization - Five times per year, we apply the proper fertilizer, specifically formulated to suit your lawn at the right time of year.
  • Weed Control - We hit the weeds before they have a chance! Scheduled for twice in spring, twice in summer and once in late fall, we protect your valuable lawn from any kind of weed invasion, plus any special treatment that may be required.
  • Pre-emergence- A good lawn care strategy calls for anticipating what your lawn will need during its growth/dormant periods. Our pre-emergence strategy is specially designed for your lawn.
  • Lime - Since our soils are acidic, we recommend lime every year as we have found this provides the best consistency to pH levels. We generally lime in late summer to early fall.
  • Aeration and Seeding - Our Piedmont soil has a high degree of clay, which needs aeration each year in order to ensure all the proper nutrients reach the lawn root level. Our aeration equipment is state-of-the-art, thus achieving maximum results. We aerate in the fall.
  • Bermuda Eradication - That dang Bermuda grass! Let us handle this "creeping menace!" Both active treatment and preventative measures are required to maintain a perfect lawn.
  • Lawn Renovation - If your lawn is in need of a major overhaul, then you have come to the right place! We love a challenge, and you can count on us to give you the end result you want, no matter what your lawn looks like today. Just keep in mind that a successful long-term lawn care program takes some time to get established.!
  • Turf Painting Service - Our environmentally-safe lawn dying products are guaranteed. You can have that Lush Green lawn year long!
  • Seeding - The quality of seed makes a difference! We use only the best, guaranteed seed, and we know exactly how much to put on (too much seed is a bad thing!), when to put it on, and what you need to do to take care of the seed for maximum results.
  • Disease Control - Disease can strike a lawn at any time. We can spot a potentially serious problem early, so let us know as soon as you see any sign of stress on your lawn.
  • Insect Control - Stop bugging me! Harmful critters take many forms in our area. Call us for preventative treatment now.
  • Organic Programs - We have a completely organic program available. Ask us about this special program.
  • Deep Root Feedings - Vital nutrient absorption for trees and shrubs occurs at the roots! Our Deep Root Feedings program maximizes delivery of these vital nutrients to the source of absorption. Result: HAPPY TREE!
  • Insect Control - Does the name "Japanese Beetle" sound familiar? This pesky critter has a preference for certain tress and shrubs. Best get ready! MANY other species regularly attack our tree and shrub vegetation. We will stand vigilant, whatever the challenge!
  • Disease Control - Protection from a variety of diseases is critical to the long-term success of your valuable trees and shrubs. We know what diseases attack which plants, and how to dispense the proper amount of preventative treatment, at the correct time of year.
  • Horticultural Oil Treatment - This is an application of horticultural oil applied in the winter months. This treatment minimizes pests in the upcoming growing season by suffocating the eggs of wintering insects. This is a great treatment to control insects without the use of conventional insecticides.

Why Lime?

Lime helps improve lawn color and density, controls thatch, and increases root development by balancing the acid levels of your soil.

Southern Exposure uses enhanced high calcium lime. In addition to the benefits of lime, Enhanced High Calcium Lime strengthens your lawn, making it more resistant to disease, insect damage, and heat and traffic stresses. Most importantly, Enhanced High Calcium Lime is:

  • four times more effective
  • adjusts pH levels of lawn in a third of the time compared to regular lime
  • 75% less product to apply saving time and money