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Aerate, Seed & Fertilize

Aeration in fall means green in spring

Aeration & Seeding

our working process in 3 steps

Barefoot soft, thick grass doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes a lot of preparation and follow through to have a lush green lawn. Early fall is the time of year to plan for the spring.

core aeration

This method allows for the most air circulation and seed to soil contact.


Only the highest rated & region specific grass seed used - Certified 0% weed seed - Drought, shade, traffic tolerant - Guaranteed seed germination


Apply a "starter" fertilizer, or an organic, "slow-release" fertilizer.

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September and October are the months to aerate, seed and fertilize. Space is limited so reserve your spot soon. The earlier you schedule your aeration, the bigger discount you receive! ('air'-ey-'ashun') "The process of exposing to air (so as to purify); the aeration of the soil."

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    Benefits of Aeration

    • Water and Fertilizer can be used more efficiently by your lawn
    • Thatch will be minimized
    • Grass roots can grow deeper and healthier
    • Soil compaction is reduced
    • Improved lawn health
    • Improved lawn appearance
    • Ability of lawn to withstand more activity

    Benefits of Aeration Combined w/ Seeding

    • Planting additional grass seed into your existing lawn is called over seeding. Post aeration over seeding is a great way to enhance your lawn. The newly sewn seeds can take advantage of the aeration process to more rapidly fill in bare spots and thicken existing turf.
    • An additional aspect of over seeding, is to add alternate varieties of grass. This may be necessary, if we determine that your existing lawn is of a variety which is more susceptible to certain diseases or insects in your locality. Over seeding, in this case, can be done without guesswork. We utilize alternate or newer varieties of seed which are known to help with these issues. This is possible through research, and we invite you to see our research page.
    • Seeding at the time of aeration will make your lawn healthier, more beautiful, and more durable allowing more activity without the usual signs of wear.


    • Lawn requires soil nutrients for good growth
    • When planting your new lawn make sure to select a "starter" fertilizer, or an organic, "slow-release" fertilizer
    • The fertilizer jump starts your newly planted seed and starts establishing a root system
    • Should be done at the same time as you aerate and seed