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Outdoor Audio

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Outdoor Audio

Are you tired of having to lug around your Bluetooth speaker when you are having a gathering at your home? It is hard when you want to relax in your backyard with friends and family and you can not get the music setting right. It is always too loud to someone while someone else can not hear it at all. We are here to help solve your problems with an outdoor audio installation in your backyard.

We decided to branch our business out to help serve our customers better. Our Outdoor Audio Design and Installation Program is here to serve all of your backyard entertainment needs.

The Basic Questions

How is this better than my Bluetooth Speaker?

This system is much better than any ole' Bluetooth Speaker because of the quality of the sound system. The quality of the speakers we are installing is addictive. The music sounds so clear, it sounds funny to hear music any other way. Also, the system has a sound that is distortion-free and well-balanced for all types of musics at all possible volume levels.

How do the speakers last the wear 'n' tear of the Outdoor Environment?

The speakers are not your average indoor speakers. These are built inside and out for outdoor use. All of the parts and engineering are for the outdoor environment so that you can have long lasting, reliable speakers. The sleek design of the speakers allow them to blend in with their surroundings. You can get the speakers that are low profile and blend in with your landscape or you can get the free-standing speakers on your hard scapes, which look like an attractive addition. All of the systems that we use are built to be tough enough to fight off corrosion, UV and thermal damage for many years.

Is it easy to operate?

If you are able to play music on your bluetooth speakers or your indoor sound system, then you will be able to play it on the outdoor speakers easily. There is nothing new you need to learn, just connect and relax.

What does it take to have the system run?

All it takes to start installing your system is a standard 120-volt outlet outside. To play music from your device to the speakers all you need to do is connect via Bluetooth, Airplay, or any other wireless connection your device may have. We are also able to connect you new outdoor audio system to the indoor audio system that you already have.

Don't wait, call today to make your outdoor living space the life of the party!