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Winter Services

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Pre-Treatment Salt Spreading  ♦

Snow Plowing                              ♦

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Winter Services

Heavy winter storms don’t occur very often in our area, but when they do, it’s a mess. The lack of regularity also adds to the lack of immediate services and it only takes one storm to create a treacherous situation. Be prepared. Contact Southern Exposure for winter services to handle winter storm clean up. Companies, apartment complexes and rental properties: keep your property safe and free from liability claims.

We provide superior winter service with attention to detail, monitoring all our contracted sites before, during, and after snow and ice events to ensure they are kept safe. Our winter landscaping services allow tenants, customers and employees to travel your property safely. We employ the latest techniques and use the most up to date tools to maintain your property.

  • There are over 1 million slip and fall accidents each year.
  • 300,000 poeople are hurt or disabled.
  • 17,000 people die.
  • The average cost of an employee slip and fall is $28,000.

Liability and the safety of your employees, customers or residents are reasons why you want to be prepared.

Consider a pre-treatment plan where material is spread before an ice/sleet/snow event, preventing a bond from forming between the ice and pavement. The lot may still require plowing and spreading once snow begins to fall, but it will take far less time and will create much better results.